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Our company established in the year 2009 with setting ourselves higher goals and standard which exactly matches the requirements of the home buyers. We take extreme care in the design, process, procedure and execution of the dream home. We carefully understand the need of the home buyer and take extreme effort to fulfill and strive for the ideal output in every situation.

Flat Details

Block 1 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 893 464.95 Booked
F2 881 458.70 Available
F3 902 469.63 Available
F4 954 496.72 Booked
S1 893 464.95 Available
S2 881 458.70 Booked
S3 902 469.63 Booked
S4 954 496.72 Available

Block 2 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 893 468.27 Booked
F2 881 461.98 Booked
F3 902 472.99 Booked
F4 954 500.26 Booked
S1 893 468.27 Available
S2 881 461.98 Available
S3 902 472.99 Booked
S4 954 500.26 Available

Block 3 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 893 461.51 Booked
F2 881 458.34 Available
F3 902 469.26 Booked
F4 954 496.32 Available
S1 893 461.51 Booked
S2 881 458.34 Available
S3 902 469.26 Available
S4 954 496.32 Available

Block 4 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 893 461.51 Available
F2 881 455.30 Booked
F3 902 466.16 Available
F4 954 493.03 Booked
S1 893 461.51 Available
S2 881 455.30 Available
S3 902 466.16 Available
S4 954 493.03 Available

Block 5 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 893 461.75 Available
F2 881 455.55 Available
F3 902 466.41 Booked
F4 954 493.29 Available
S1 893 461.75 Available
S2 881 455.55 Available
S3 902 466.41 Available
S4 954 493.29 Booked

Block 6 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 893 469.02 Booked
F2 1014 532.57 Booked
F3 959 503.68 Available
F4 942 494.75 Booked
S1 893 469.02 Booked
S2 1014 532.57 Booked
S3 959 503.68 Available
S4 942 494.75 Booked

Block 7 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 913 479.52 Booked
F2 756 397.06 Available
F3 790 414.92 Booked
F4 812 426.47 Available
S1 913 479.52 Available
S2 756 397.06 Available
S3 790 414.92 Available
S4 812 426.47 Booked

Block 8 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 1321 740.58 Booked
F2 1236 692.92 Booked
S1 1321 740.58 Available
S2 1236 692.92 Booked

Block 9 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 1327 740.05 Booked
F2 1178 656.95 Booked
S1 1327 740.05 Booked
S2 1178 656.95 Booked

Block 10 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 1280 718.70 Booked
F2 1241 696.80 Booked
S1 1280 718.70 Booked
S2 1241 696.80 Available

Block 11 Flat Area (sq.ft) UDS Availability
F1 1133 666.57 Available
F2 1224 720.10 Booked
S1 1133 666.57 Booked
S2 1224 720.10 Available


Structure R.C.C framed structure with RCC columns, beams and Slabs. Brick Masonry filler walls, CCP with Ground Plus two Floor. Earth quake resistant design.
Doors and windows Main entrance door will be of first class Teak both frames and shutters.Bathroom door will be of water proof fibre material.Bedroom doors and other doors will be compressed wood panel doors.
Flooring Drawing,Dining room & Other rooms will be of vitrified tiles.
Kitchen Kitchen platform will be of high grade polished granite top, stainless steel kitchen sink with drain board and dado about 2’ 0'' height above the platform. Loft will be provided as per drawing. Suitable opening for exhaust fan will be provided.
Toilets Anti skid Ceramic tiles flooring, ceramic tile dado till lentel level. Concealed plumbing arrangements,conceeled PVC pipe line of slow guard make for hot water pipe line(cpvc).
Sanitary wares & fixtures Parryware gloss set,Bathroom fittings-Parryware.
Electrical Connection with manual change over facility and concealed copper wiring, points for telephone, TV, fridge, washing machine, grinder, A/C, fan and light points in rooms. Provision for inverter. McB/ELCB (Earth Leak circuit breaker),automatic borewell motor controller.
Painting Brilla putti will be applied on the walls of flats to have smooth surface and finally finished with one coat of acrylic primer and 2 coats of emulsion. The external walls of the complex will be initially applied 1 coat of white cement,1 coats of primer and 2 coats of exterior emulsion. Doors other than entrance door with enamel paint. Entrance door with varnish (sealer finish)/melamine finish. M.S. Grill with one coat of primer and two coats of enamel paint.
Wardrobe Both sides polished Black cudappa/rcc slab for wardrobes(7x4 size), below kitchen platform and also in shelves/niches provided in kitchen.
Stair case steps & Landing area Granite or Sabha Stone, Stainless steel hand rail for steps area.
Lift & Special amenities Branded lift, Multipurpose hall in ground floor, Watchman room with toilet facility, Intercom facility for each flats from the ground floor, Access door will be provided in the ground floor to prevent unauthorised entry, Name Plates, Separate provision for electric meters in the main board, seperate provision for common electric meter for common service and sub main board in each flat for quick isolation of supply, covered parking space for vehicles, rainwater harvesting, Walk area in the terrace.

Provision of Electrical Points
Entrance One bell point and one light point.
Drawing One TV point, one telephone point, One intercom point near main door, two light points in walls, two 5/5 A pin points,and fan points at suitable places.
Dining One 15A for fridge, two light points in wall, one 5A pinpoint. Fan points at suitable places.
Master Bedroom Two light points in wall, two 5A pin points, one 20A point for A/C, one TV point and one telephone point. Fan points at suitable location. Fan and light points to be 2-way.
Other Bedrooms Two light points in wall, two 5A pin points, one 20A point for A/C, one TV point and one telephone point. Fan points at suitable location. Fan and light points to be 2-way.
Attached Toilets One light point, one light point over wash basin mirror, one 5A pin point and 15A point for geyser.
Common toilet & wash basin One light point, one light point over wash basin mirror, one 5A pin point and 15A point for geyser.
Service One 5A pin point, one light point and one 15A point for washing machine.
Common points Common light point in stairs & terrace, two numbers in compound wall, points for pump motor sets as per promoters choice.
Switches All switches shall be modular type.


S.No percengate Stage of Work
1 15% While Booking
2 25% Land Registration
3 15% When Foundation work is commenced
4 15% When RCC roof slab of respective floor is laid
5 15% When brickwork in respective floor is commenced
6 10% When flooring is commenced
7 5% When flat is ready for handing over